Thinking Outside The Box: Free Coaching Friday 2/17/17

Thinking outside the box is a skill. One of the biggest factors often times. Today we talk about that and how you can shift your physiology to be better. —————————————- Find me on Facebook at on Twitter at or […]

Stagnation & Disease: Part 2 Stagnation

Hello again friends, Today I would like to speak to you about stagnation and how it can be the unknown silent killer of your overall health. Consider your body is a liquid life form exchanging fluids at every turn. It doesn’t […]

Qigong Massage for depression

Qigong Massage and Depression Qigong is very beneficial for many aspects of health. One of the things I have often talked about is the ability for one to recognize where they are int he world and what their current state is in […]

Stagnation & Disease: Part 1 Hijacking

One of the biggest issues that cause disease in the body is that of stagnation. You see stagnation can occur in two ways in your life. It can go from macro to micro and also the inverse. That is why the thoughts […]

Life can be gone in a flash

Today as I scrolled my newsfeed on Facebook I saw a notice from one of my pastors from ages past. His public note said, “To keep you in the loop I’d like to let you know I was diagnosed with stage […]

2 hand points to move energy in the hands

Energy in the hand is crucial and in this week’s video, I discuss 2 simple techniques to increase the energy in your hand the easy way. In qigong, we use the overall framework of meridians, and I have begun to integrate and […]

Free Coaching Friday 1 27 17

Free Coaching Friday, we discuss a question I get often about how to be consistent in your life and how to embrace the challenge head on. —————————————- Find me on Facebook at on Twitter at or on Instagram at […]

Glass Ceilings and why we should shatter them

In this episode, I go over why drastic changes are needed, why we need to wake up as individuals to see new meaning in changes, and what would happen if you had your tombstone written out by your loved ones. For […]

Liver Rejuvination Using Lemon Water

Today I will be discussing the overall flow of the liver and how a gentle detox of the liver using lemon can be beneficial to your overall health. If you like this and or would like to speak with me more […]

Mythical Guru Syndrome

I’ve been online promoting health and wellness for quite some time, and I can tell you I have seen about everything come about in the last 6 years. Guru’s in all shapes and forms promising you the gold at the end […]