Are you tired of being sick and tired?

Repeated patterns in health are some of the most challenging aspects humans encounter. Our emotional, spiritual and mental health are the keys to our vitality in life, so we need to keep them in line with what we want. Set up a time with me to review your goals and get over your hurdles.

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Are you seeking clarity?

Confusion is one of those aspects of life that often we need to hammer out and find simplification in their lives. Often our lives just have too many things going on, and we need a plan that works towards our goals and dreams in the best way possible. This subject is where I come in for many people, and you could be my next success story.

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Are you suffering with pain?

Pain is a manifestation of misalignment in your life. Often it can be physical, but other times it can be emotional or even chemical. Either way, it is an indicator that there needs to be a change in an aspect. My clients work with me to bring about that change in a positive way to benefit them long-term.

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We All Have A Story, yet it is what we do with the events that make us marvelous or holds us back. If you've made a decision to shift then keep reading.

Hello and welcome, out of the trillions of sites you could have landed upon you made it here, so with a great applause, I welcome you to the next phase of exploration in your life. Like you, I was looking for answers at many points in my life. I was trying to find my way so to speak in a world that only rewarded clones and often would not remunerate you at all for your individual gifts. I needed to get out, and I needed to break the mold, so I began the process of developing everything on this site.

All the information I provide on this site is made to benefit the masses, and I take a simple approach to using eastern arts and combining them with modern day science. Simply stated, this has effects on the human mind, body, and spirit.


Listen to one of the many testimonials I have gotten about using Qigong massage, do know that these results are not typical, but when they do happen they're amazing!


Here are some of the basics about my philosophy

Our body has a patterning system that is tracked by the nerves. From the internal regulatory system to the external systems our nervous system records everything and this goes from the thoughts you think to the people you keep in your lives. Experiences can and will be recorded and often times trigger nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments to react in a specific way. This makes a possible area of congestion in the body to appear. Like I said your body records everything! Most traditional practitioners have gone to the area of relying on potions and lotions alone to regulate the body. Most traditional training omits because of ego without listening to the actual facts.

This will only get you so far!

Your mind will set records in your tissue. It will be a systemic effect as we have 8 systems that work together to make a human work, so now we are left with a conundrum. 


The question that needed to be answered was this...

How can we as people begin to shift our body, physiology, mind and reactions back to a place of peace?

It is through a retraining regimen that can be done by anyone anywhere. Using certain points, foods, healing exercises and retraining exercises (these can be physical, emotional or spiritual) we can begin to find balance anywhere in the world. I made these works to help me and with great resolve, I've been able to help others get amazing results as well. Listen, you don't have to suffer or go to multiple practitioners like I did for issues that can often be self-treated. All you need is the 3 C's.

Choice, Chance and Change

You need to be willing to make a choice and take a chance so that anything can change. Who better to bet on in life other than your own abilities and intuition?

I have been practicing these techniques now since 2006 and have had increasing results with increasing simplicity. To show you it is not a placebo effect and that the video above is not a fluke, you can see more examples of my free online classes on my Instagram Page.

Now it is your turn, would you like to find balance in your life? Leave an addition? Find healing for trauma? Unlock a frozen or tight area that aches? Even release a memory that has kept you from being all you can be? Then, I invite you to do one of 2 things. You can either take my free e-courses found on this site or you can speak with me to get the most custom work available.

A word of caution, I am very selective about who I work with as the quality of my work as well as the people I deal with is very important to me. You'll find all the links you need below. Thank you for reading and blessings on your continued journey.


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Luis Rivera, MS.