We all have a story, yet it is what we do with the events that make us marvelous or holds us back. If you’ve made a decision to shift then keep reading.

Looking for answers

Like you, I was looking for answers at many points in my life. I was trying to find my way so to speak in a world that only rewarded clones and often would not remunerate you at all for your individual gifts. I needed to get out, and I needed to break the mold, so I began the process of developing everything on this site.

Information Overwhelm

All the information I provide on this site is made to benefit the masses, and I take a simple approach to using eastern arts and combining them with modern day science. Simply stated, this has effects on the human mind, body, and spirit.

Learn From Experience

Listen to one of the many testimonials I have gotten about using Qigong/Reiki techniques, do know that these results are not typical, but when practice the art your experiences will be amazing!



The questions that needed to be answered was…

Q: How can we as people begin to shift our body, physiology, mind and reactions back to a place of peace?

A: It is through a retraining regimen that can be done by anyone anywhere. Using certain points, foods, healing exercises and retraining exercises (these can be physical, emotional or spiritual) we can begin to find balance anywhere in the world. I made these works to help me and with great resolve, I’ve been able to help others get amazing results as well. Listen, you don’t have to suffer or go to multiple practitioners like I did for issues that can often be self-treated. All you need is the 3 C’s.

About My Process

Change Begins With 3 Fundamental Concepts

  • 01

    Choice- you choose to take a stand for your variables to be assessed by being honest with yourself and me 

  • 02

    Chance- You are willing to take a chance on yourself every step of the way no matter what seems possible

  • 03

    Change-You are willing to change, shift or try concepts that allow your energy, body and mind to flow freely.

How is this achieved?

  • 01

    You have Bi-Weekly Check In’s with me digitally.

  • 02

    You have scheduled time to practice concepts that are assigned or given for your own good.

  • 03

    You openly communicate if there are issues or challenges.

  • 04

    You bring questions and let me know when there are challenges.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    There are opportunities for online learning through webinars and e-classes.

  • 02

    You develop a daily practice that fosters growth for years to come.